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Beacon vs. bus stop displays

Tieto improves public transportation customer service for passengers. Beacon and Bluetooth Smart technologies enable real-time travel information in passengers’ mobile devices. Operators no longer need to invest in expensive bus stop displays. More information: In English: Suomeksi: Artikkeli: På svenska: Artikeln: source

Using Bluetooth Beacons for Transportation Services

Taxis, trains, buses, planes – beacons have most of the major ways of transportation covered. In this webinar we go over some of the major use cases such as indoor mapping, supporting the visually impaired, sending traveler information case studies and best practices. source

BeaconSpot iPhone app demonstration (bluetooth beacon)

This video demonstrates the BeaconSpot app using an iPhone 5s. BeaconSpot is also the name of the Bluetooth 4.0 device we use for our beacon. The video demonstrates how to set up a BeaconSpot with the text and pictures you want your customers to see. People with the BeaconSpot App will instantly have all the […]

Estimote Beacons – iBeacon-style Bluetooth Smart (LE) sensors

Estimote Beacon is a cheap and small, Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) device, sometimes also called a ‘mote’. When placed in a physical space, it broadcasts tiny radio signals around itself. Think about it as a very small lighthouse. Smartphones that are in range are able to ‘hear’ these signals and estimate their location very precisely, […]

Facebook Bluetooth Beacon – What Is It & How Do I Get It? [Nov 2015]

An update video covering what we’ve learned about the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon since its release and how to get one for your own business. Facebook Page Tips: Original Facebook Beacon Video: Request your own Facebook Beacon: —————————– Subscribe for more: Online Marketing Tips Playlist: Webmaster Tips & Tricks Playlist: […]

Piper + Cisco Meraki BLE Beacon Solutions

Piper Networks provides cost-effective location awareness solutions using an adaptable, multipurpose platform and proximity hardware, like BLE Beacons. Piper also develops custom mobile apps for any enterprise need and integrates with existing applications and infrastructure, including Meraki Access Points, which are visible BLE locations in the Piper dashboard. Just select AP, add content, collect data, […]

Indoor device tracking using Bluetooth beacons, WiFi and/or Camera

In this video, Cyril Houri demonstrates how Wearabouts can utilize any combination of Bluetooth beacons, ambient WiFi signals and computer vision in order to track a device’s location inside a building. More information at: source