Cord-less Charging And Health Wristband Manufacturing Company

Shenzhen HuaGon Technology

Shenzhen HuaGon Technology, built in 2012, is a specialist hi-tech corporation. Our company is engaged in research and manufacture of Health Wristbands and wire less charging system. At this moment we are typically occupied with wire less charging device development, wire-less charging module design, unique cordless charging gear customization, cord-less charger ODM / OEM manufacturing. Now our merchandise include qi wireless charger, car wire-less charger, universal android cordless charger, power bank cord-less charger, wire less charger for Personal PC and wire-free charger receiver. We not just produce compatible qi wireless charging standard cord-less charger, but also Customized non – qi wireless charging products to meet up the demands of a variety of clients. At the moment, we use the QI wireless charging product with TI (Texas Instruments), Huawei, IDT to match the requirements of various users. While doing so, our technicians have created cord-less charging module whose launch power is up to around 40w and the distance is all the way to 25 mm; low energy wireless charging module, we can easily do 5w launch power and 30*30mm dimension.

Presently, our company has worked with the foreign purchasers for as long as a two year period.

Our mantra and company viewpoint is “leading the cutting-edge technology, providing good quality Fitness Wristband product or service”.

We promise to deliver you the greatest products and the most sincere services completely. We earnestly want to create long haul and favorable collaboration with you! On top of that, we expect our solutions can make a contribution to eliminating the pollution of the environment and boosting the safety and well-being of all us.

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Phone:+86-15007695954 (Lancy liu)
Skype Identity: lancy.huagontech
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