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The thing that makes Solder Paste Inspection Vital?

Solder Paste Inspection is usually performed to check the solder paste deposits in the Printed Circuit Board (often known as Printed Wiring Board) manufacturing process. It is found out that most solder joint defects in a Printed Circuit Board assembly are arising from the wrong type of solder paste printing. With the help of solder paste inspection (SPI), you can easily lessen the defects caused by soldering by a tremendous amount. This informative article will indicate the value of SPI process and how imperative it is .

Significance of Solder Paste Inspection Process

Please read on for some of the key points of information, which prove the importance of SPI process:

Improves Printed Wiring Board Quality & Performance

This process employs superior equipment for accurate inspection. Angle cameras are widely used to take 3D photographs, which are extremely helpful in measuring the alignment and volume of the solder paste. This’ll help increase the yield, as well as the print quality. What’s more, it will help strengthen the performance of the Printed Wiring Boards.

Advanced Equipment for More effective Regulation & Watching

As pointed out at an earlier time, angle cameras are utilized, which create very clear 3D photos. As opposed to the established cameras, 3D cameras are designed for collecting the height of the solder paste printed. This allows accurate measurement of the solder paste volume. Therefore, by means of SPI as well as automated optical inspection(AOI inspection), manufacturers can simply keep an eye on and keep control of the part placement and solder paste printing processes.

Assists In Easing Solder Errors

Significant information about the printing process is obtainable by going through the solder paste inspection. It gives a apparent idea concerning the factors behind the defects, and thus enabling you to make the required changes and cut down the errors as low as possible.

All of the factors already mentioned make manufacturers execute the SPI process to make superior quality Printed Wiring Boards. The inspection process not only helps produce defect-free Printed Wiring Boards, but also saves big costs. Moreover, it also helps minimize the delivery time of the manufacturers. This points out the worth of solder paste inspection process. For an error-free solder, it is therefore, recommended to employ SPI.

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