Cypress unleashes battery-free Bluetooth Smart Beacons and Wireless Sensor Nodes with their award winning Energy Harvesting power management IC and easy to use EZ-BLE PRoC module.

Making things smart!
The Internet is fast becoming ubiquitous, and Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth Smart, is the core technology that is making this happen. BLE Beacons and Wireless Sensor Nodes use Bluetooth Smart as an energy efficient way to transmit data to a smart receiver. Cypress unleashes these devices by coupling Bluetooth Low Energy with its energy harvesting power management IC to enable a true battery free device! The idea is fairly simple. The small low-power devices, powered by light energy harvested from its surrounding environment, can be installed literally anywhere. These devices are pre-programmed with a unique, very short data string that is sent to a smart receiver, typically a smart phone, using the Advertisement mode of Bluetooth Smart. The Advertisement mode is usually used to transmit pairing information and defined to use very little energy. Using the unique data, your smartphone goes to the Internet and pulls down content that’s related to where you are or what you’re doing. The transmission range can be adjusted, so the content displayed can be very focused on the immediate area, or widened out to relate to a general area. Wireless Sensor Nodes use this mode not only to send the unique data, but also to send additional data such as temperature or humidity that has been collected by an embedded sensor. The smart device receives both sets of data and sends it to the internet and to be stored in a database. Wireless Sensor Nodes are projected to be the fastest growing portion of the IOT device market in the next 5 years. Solar or Light powered BLE Beacons have a wide variety of applications in a retail situation. They can urge you to come into a store based on products, special offers, or your past patronage. Once in the store they can trigger a reward for entering. While shopping you can receive specific information about a product you are looking at. It can also help facilitate the payment process by setting up your digital payment. This same basic functionality can be useful in venues such as train stations. Your smartphone detects a BLE Beacon and then pulls up to the minute information from the Internet regarding train arrival, delays, and even how many people are already on the train. In an industrial setting, Wireless Sensor Nodes can transmit environmental data, or even collect information such as up time or system faults captured by sensors and transmit this data to a service person or inspector. In all of these cases, a battery-free implementation with Cypress products really unleashes BLE Beacons and Wireless Sensor Nodes to realize their full potential. To accelerate the design process, Cypress’s $49 Solar Powered IoT Device Kit contains everything needed to develop a battery-free BLE Beacon or Wireless Sensor Node. For more information visit us at


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