This tutorial demonstrates how to use the OptoTherm EL infrared circuit board inspection system to locate a short circuit on a PCBA. Power is applied to the circuit on which the short is located via leads that have been soldered onto the board. The EL electonics analysis software includes tools to detect and locate short circuits that exhibit very low levels of heating (less than 0.1C).


Why’s Solder Paste Inspection Imperative?

Solder Paste Inspection is primarily done to inspect the solder paste deposits in the Printed Circuit Board (aka Printed Circuit) manufacturing process. It is observed that almost all the solder joint defects in a Printed Wiring Board assembly are as a consequence of inappropriate solder paste printing. Through the help of solder paste inspection (SPI), you’ll be able to minimize the defects associated with soldering by a considerable amount. This article will explain why SPI process and how necessary it is .

Significance of Solder Paste Inspection Process

Here are a few of the key points of information, which verify the importance of SPI process:

Promotes Printed Circuit Quality & Performance

This process employs high tech equipment for accurate inspection. Angle cameras are used to take 3-d pics, which are extremely helpful in measuring the alignment and volume of the solder paste. It will help to boost the yield, and furthermore the print quality. Similarly, it helps raise the performance of the Printed Circuits.

Excellent Equipment for Better Regulation & Tracking

As pointed out previously, angle cameras are being used, which present apparent 3D photographs. Contrary to the established cameras, 3D cameras are prepared for catching the height of the solder paste printed. This allows accurate measurement of the solder paste volume. Consequently, by using SPI in conjunction with automated optical inspection(AOI ), makers can easily watch and manage the part placement and solder paste printing processes.

Helps Reduce Solder Errors

Critical info in regards to the printing process can be found by performing the solder paste inspection. It provides a precise idea about the reasons for defects, and for that reason enabling you to make the important changes and cut down the errors as low as possible.

All the points stated previously make makers conduct the SPI process to produce superior quality Printed Circuits. The inspection process not only helps produce defect-free Printed Circuits, but in addition saves substantial costs. In addition to this, it also helps decrease the delivery time of the makers. This proves the worth of solder paste inspection process. For an error-free solder, therefore, it is, recommended to execute SPI.

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