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CHARACTERISTICS OF DEVICE SPECIFICATION OF DEVICE OVERVIEW OF NEW SMARTPHONES NOTEBOOK TABLETS Apple Samsung Sony LG Microsoft Blackberry HTC Motorola Nokia Xiaomi Meizu Huawei ZTE LeEco OnePlus Axon (ZTE) ECOO (Elephone) HomTom (Doogee) Honor (Huawei) IUNI (Gionee) Meilan (Meizu) Nubia (ZTE) Trunk (Elephone) Vivo (Oppo, BBK) Wileyfox (Fly) YU (Micromax) Zuk (Lenovo) ASUS Alcatel Elephone […]

Unboxing the Alcatel Idol 5S (Amazon Prime Edition)

Finally! Alex unboxes the most premium Amazon Prime Exclusive phone. This is the start of a new age for affordable Smartphones! Buy From Amazon [Associate]: http://amzn.to/2g0ylk5 Related Videos Alcatel Idol 5S Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkngLwjZu4E Alcatel A30 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUHsUsAqhVA&t=165s Alcatel A30 Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MBdJVOecYM&t=25s Moto G4 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6j_NschT9A&t=437s —————————————————————– Tweets by SypnoTech source


DEVICE SMARTPHON TABLET LAPTOP GADGETS DEVICES SIM Card Support Network Band GSM 2G Bands GSM 3G Bands GSM 4G Bands Operating System OS Version Chipset CPU GPU Memory Internal Memory RAM Size Memory Card Slot Memory Support Body & Design Screen & Display Display Type Screen Protection Display Pixel density range Screen Resolution Display Size […]

Bluetooth Beacon | Bluetooth iBeacon, Google & Eddystone

Bluetooth Beacons | Bluetooth Beacon – What Is It? Back in 2013, Apple announced iBeacons, a Bluetooth-powered beacon that would interact with your iDevice. They seem to have fallen off but thanks to Google’s rival project, Bluetooth beacons might have a come back. Bluetooth beacons are tiny transmitters, that constantly beam out a signal to […]

Using Nearby with Beacons (100 days of Google Dev)

Marc Wandschneider walks through the steps necessary to use the Nearby Messages API with beacons. Nearby Messages is a new API that enables your device to react to nearby objects and micro-locations such as bus stops, train platforms, or even indoor locations such as exhibits in a museum. BLE beacons — such as those that […]

Developing with Beacons (100 days of Google Dev)

Beacons are all about adding context to the world whether at a specific place like your favorite store or moving around like a taxi. With this context, you can provide an experience for your user that requires fewer steps while being richer and more relevant. When you use Google together with your beacons, you get […]

Home Automation using BLE Beacons and Happy Bubbles

Happy Bubbles Store – http://geni.us/S4PMXAv Happy Bubbles RP3 Install Page – http://geni.us/pNyfN Happy Bubbles 3D Printed Enclosure – http://geni.us/v6EjDbf My Home Assistant Configuration – http://geni.us/bruh3haconfig XY Find It Beacons – http://geni.us/tj1p1Xf (what I use with the Happy Bubbles) TILE Beacons – http://geni.us/qrlR (not compatible with Happy Bubbles) Yo, BLE beacons go by lots of names […]