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Facebook Bluetooth Business Beacon Unboxing and Setup

We received our Facebook Bluetooth Business Beacon in the mail today and wanted to do an unboxing video of it. The Facebook Bluetooth beacon was designed to help people who visit your business see info about your business on Facebook to those that are checking in. For people that have a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled, […]


ITWORX Indoor Navigation System ITWORX developed a demo using BLE technology relying on Bluetooth Beacons transmitters. The demo facilitates navigation for indoor areas by which it directs the users with path suggestion to reach a specific area within the building, just like the GPS. The little “Beacons” are fixed to the desired areas, the correspondent […]

Beacon Gateways – Fathom

#43 – As the Beacosystem evolves to address the challenge of fleet management and embrace Real Time Location Systems, beacon gateways are becoming an important building block. Rather than focus on beacons, Fathom has launched a gateway product that is designed to work with beacons from third parties. They just announced a partnership with Gimbal. […]

Beacon Audio Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review!

This is my full review of the Beacon Audio Phoenix Bluetooth Speaker! This speaker can be found on their website and if you like this product then feel free to check them out and their other products! 🙂 Beacon Audio: http://www.beaconaudio.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ipodtouch2gbob LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE for more content such as review and unboxings! […]

New invention RuuviTag – Open-Source Bluetooth Sensor Beacon

RuuviTag is an advanced sensor beacon platform designed to fulfill needs of both makers and developers. The device can act as a standard Eddystone / iBeacon proximity beacon, but it has potential to be so much more. By having a way to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and acceleration it’s possible to cover several use […]

Beacon Nearby Notifications For iPhones

Here I will show you how to use your Beacons for iPhone. You can show your clients that you are setting up for Beacon Marketing how to install Google Chrome to receive nearby notifications. For more information on how to get your own turn key business please follow these steps: 1. Join our facebook group: […]

Estimote Mirror – the world’s first video-enabled beacon

Estimote Mirror – It’s the world’s first video-enabled beacon. It can not only communicate with nearby phones and their corresponding apps, but also take content from these apps and display it on any digital screen around you. HOW DOES MIRROR WORK? By integrating two additional ports — HDMI and USB — we extend input to […]

Using Bluetooth Beacons for Transportation Services

Taxis, trains, buses, planes – beacons have most of the major ways of transportation covered. In this webinar we go over some of the major use cases such as indoor mapping, supporting the visually impaired, sending traveler information case studies and best practices. source

Estimote Beacons – iBeacon-style Bluetooth Smart (LE) sensors

Estimote Beacon is a cheap and small, Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) device, sometimes also called a ‘mote’. When placed in a physical space, it broadcasts tiny radio signals around itself. Think about it as a very small lighthouse. Smartphones that are in range are able to ‘hear’ these signals and estimate their location very precisely, […]