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Lead Generation Turned Upside Down! Click Here https://sites.google.com/view/omegabeacon to order your OMEGA BEACON TODAY! Advertise to Android Users within 100 yards of your device with ease! It comes activated and the battery lasts 2 years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. Just take it out of the box, and you’re up […]

Alexander Black: Bluetooth beacons

Beacons provide a smart way to showcase sets of merchandise that can be purchased together, and help guide buyers to the merchandise location in your store. Using a smart phone, the buyer can immediately see details about all the items your mannequin is wearing, learn where to find them in store, and even purchase them […]

FanMaker Beacons

FanMaker beacons let you interact with your fans like never before! Beacons are tiny bluetooth devices that detect your fan’s location (even if their phone is in their pocket). Place beacons at the entrance of your venue, in your stores, at sponsor locations or even on your mascot! When fans walk past a beacon, award […]

Facebook Bluetooth Business Beacon Unboxing and Setup

We received our Facebook Bluetooth Business Beacon in the mail today and wanted to do an unboxing video of it. The Facebook Bluetooth beacon was designed to help people who visit your business see info about your business on Facebook to those that are checking in. For people that have a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled, […]

Asirvia Go Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Beacon Demonstration

http://BlueToothMagic.net The Asirvia Go Proximity Marketing Beacon. How does this Bluetooth Marketing Device work? Easiest answer?…Like a dream come true lol. So have you been waiting to buy an Asirvia GO Proximity Marketing Beacon from me until you can see how it works? A demonstration? Proof? Well I set this up for you. No more […]

CES 2015 Trip: XY Bluetooth Smart Beacons

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ITWORX Indoor Navigation System ITWORX developed a demo using BLE technology relying on Bluetooth Beacons transmitters. The demo facilitates navigation for indoor areas by which it directs the users with path suggestion to reach a specific area within the building, just like the GPS. The little “Beacons” are fixed to the desired areas, the correspondent […]

Beacons, Bluetooth and App Tethering – Delphi XE8

Delphi XE8 The Fastest Connected App Platform for Windows and Beyond http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi Build highly connected, proximity aware applications. Easily extend existing VCL Windows or FireMonkey apps to mobile, wearables, and IoT solutions. Take full advantage of Internet of Things gadgets and devices that communicate over Bluetooth or WiFi. App tethering enables you to rapidly build […]