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Alexander Black: Bluetooth beacons

Beacons provide a smart way to showcase sets of merchandise that can be purchased together, and help guide buyers to the merchandise location in your store. Using a smart phone, the buyer can immediately see details about all the items your mannequin is wearing, learn where to find them in store, and even purchase them […]

Getting Started with iBeacon: A Swift Tutorial

This screencast will show you how to write a small iOS Swift app that uses iBeacon. The app changes the screen color to match the color of the closest beacon. **NOTE** A few things have changed with iOS and Swift since this tutorial was recorded. For the most up-to-date code, please refer to GitHub or […]

RECO Macaron, iBeacon™ certified Bluetooth LE Beacon

RECO – from Recognize and Recommend – offers contextual awareness for smartphones and smart wearable devices with Bluetooth LE technology. We aim to interlink the online world with the offline environment with RECO’s proximity sensing features along with powerful data driven support. Visit http://www.reco2.me to learn more about RECO source

New invention RuuviTag – Open-Source Bluetooth Sensor Beacon

RuuviTag is an advanced sensor beacon platform designed to fulfill needs of both makers and developers. The device can act as a standard Eddystone / iBeacon proximity beacon, but it has potential to be so much more. By having a way to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and acceleration it’s possible to cover several use […]

Estimote Mirror – the world’s first video-enabled beacon

Estimote Mirror – It’s the world’s first video-enabled beacon. It can not only communicate with nearby phones and their corresponding apps, but also take content from these apps and display it on any digital screen around you. HOW DOES MIRROR WORK? By integrating two additional ports — HDMI and USB — we extend input to […]

Using Bluetooth Beacons for Transportation Services

Taxis, trains, buses, planes – beacons have most of the major ways of transportation covered. In this webinar we go over some of the major use cases such as indoor mapping, supporting the visually impaired, sending traveler information case studies and best practices. source

BeaconSpot iPhone app demonstration (bluetooth beacon)

This video demonstrates the BeaconSpot app using an iPhone 5s. BeaconSpot is also the name of the Bluetooth 4.0 device we use for our beacon. The video demonstrates how to set up a BeaconSpot with the text and pictures you want your customers to see. People with the BeaconSpot App will instantly have all the […]