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New invention RuuviTag – Open-Source Bluetooth Sensor Beacon

RuuviTag is an advanced sensor beacon platform designed to fulfill needs of both makers and developers. The device can act as a standard Eddystone / iBeacon proximity beacon, but it has potential to be so much more. By having a way to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and acceleration it’s possible to cover several use […]

Piper + Cisco Meraki BLE Beacon Solutions

Piper Networks provides cost-effective location awareness solutions using an adaptable, multipurpose platform and proximity hardware, like BLE Beacons. Piper also develops custom mobile apps for any enterprise need and integrates with existing applications and infrastructure, including Meraki Access Points, which are visible BLE locations in the Piper dashboard. Just select AP, add content, collect data, […]

Beacons and Presence use-cases and examples (part 1)

Collect data form all Bluetooth Devices and beacons around via node.js using a Raspberry Pi or a notebook with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Send notification when Beacon is within a Range of the Raspberry Pi(E.g. send sms when one is back from a run using fitbit for example) Use Raspberry Pi by as a Beacon […]

Home Automation using BLE Beacons and Happy Bubbles

Happy Bubbles Store – http://geni.us/S4PMXAv Happy Bubbles RP3 Install Page – http://geni.us/pNyfN Happy Bubbles 3D Printed Enclosure – http://geni.us/v6EjDbf My Home Assistant Configuration – http://geni.us/bruh3haconfig XY Find It Beacons – http://geni.us/tj1p1Xf (what I use with the Happy Bubbles) TILE Beacons – http://geni.us/qrlR (not compatible with Happy Bubbles) Yo, BLE beacons go by lots of names […]

Valor IoT Manufacturing

Il nuovo dispositivo hardware di Mentor Graphics dotato di software embedded per supportare in diretta il flusso di informazioni bidirezionale tra tutte le macchine e i processi delle linee di produzione del PCB, sfruttando il nuovo standard di comunicazione Open Manufacturing Language (OML) source Circuit Board Company in Italia TECNOMEC Srl Set up in 1977, […]

Internet of Things with Qualcomm DragonBoard Development Kit for IoT and Arduino Shields

http://notebookitalia.it/qualcomm-dragonboard-single-board-snapdragon-ifc6410-eyerover-ultrad-19998 Demo of IoT (Internet of Things) Development Kit for Qualcomm DragonBoard that adds support for Arduino Shields plugins source DragonBoard 820c Is The World’s First PC Established On Snapdragon 820 Abstract: DragonBoard 820c is a ultra-powerful board PC that’s established on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC. It’s a super fast SoC that comes loaded with […]

Internet of Things: DragonBoard410c Monitoring Server for linux (PART-1/2)

We’ll be developing a server to monitor the health of our DragonBoard 410c. Flask is used to set up the server. This tutorial is the part of the on-line course “Internet of Things: Sensing and Actuating from Devices” taught at Coursera https://www.coursera.org/learn/internet-of-things-sensing-actuation/home/info?source=cdpv2 The complete code of is available at GitHub; https://github.com/AnumSheraz/Monitoring_DragonBoard410c source DragonBoard 820c Is […]

DragonBoard 410c

Imagine uma placa do tamanho de um cartão de crédito que tivesse funcionalidades como: processamento avançado, wifi, bluetooth e GPS. Essa placa já existe. Assista o vídeo e saiba mais sobre a DragonBoard 410c source DragonBoard 820c Is The World’s First PC On Top Of Snapdragon 820 Introduction: DragonBoard 820c is a ultra-powerful board computer […]

Arrow- DragonBoard 410c

Put the Snapdragon-powered DragonBoard 410c at the heart of your next project: https://www.arrow.com/en/campaigns/the-dragonboard-is-here source DragonBoard 820c Is The World’s First Computer System Established On Snapdragon 820 Brief summary: DragonBoard 820c is a robust single board computer that’s founded on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip. It’s a very fast chip that comes equipped with Adreno 430 and […]